DIY or do it yourself

I have had an experience recently of doing quite significant improvements to an old house. We I hired a general handyman with Plumbing and carpentry skills but I did most of the work myself. The experience was very satisfactory and ended up by saving me an awful lot of money.

We had purchased the property 10 years ago and had rented it out to tenants ever since and had basically done no work at all on the property aside from essential maintenance. Consequently when we came to sell the property it needed a lot of work on the outside cleaning up the section and it needed a lot of work inside. We also decided to replace the kitchen and the bathroom with much more modern benches and fittings.

I dismantled then removed the very old kitchen bench and fittings and replaced it with a brand new flat pack kitchen from Bunnings. The assembly and installation of the kitchen bench, cupboards and drawers was a lot easier than I anticipated,  and the finished result was very modern and attractive and of a high quality.

I also replaced the very old shower and the vanity unit and install new vinyl in the bathroom. In this case the plumbing was quite problematic, and my handyman plumber Gisborne came in very handy as he was able to climb under the house and re-plumb using the existing copper pipes and new plastic pipes. We had a problem with leaks which took some time to fix plus we also had a quite difficult problem with the low hot water pressure.

We had replaced all of the taps in the house with mixer units,  and the low hot water pressure meant that the hot water flow was very slow. This made the shower unit pretty well unusable. Rather than spend $3500 on upgrading the hot water to Mains pressure, I used a hot water booster pump that cost $190 plus about $200 for the installation, and this works a treat.